The European Network of Young Specialits in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP)

Vi heter Fredrik och Mikael (idrottspsykologiska rådgivare)! För flera av er kanske det inte var någon nyhet, men det är vi som driver den här bloggen och ger vårt bidrag för att sprida idrottspsykologi i Sverige. Den här veckan kommer blogginlägget från internationella vänner och den idrottspsykologiska föreningen The European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) i vilken Fredrik Weibull har varit ordförande. Väldigt spännande förening! Svensk idrottspsykologisk förening (SIPF) och ENYSSP liknar varandra bara det att ENYSSP arbetar internationellt och med ett speciellt fokus på våra yngre talanger.

Mycket nöje! Trevlig helg,

Are you interested in sport and exercise psychology? Then ENYSSP is an organisation for you!

During the end of last week the eight ENYSSP Workshop was organised. Three years ago it was in Greece, last year in Finland and this year in Slovakia. The workshop took place in Kosice, Slovakia between the 25th and the 27th of October. The workshop was a great success with good presentations. We for example had two excellent keynote speakers: Chris Harwood (UK) and Karin de Bruin (NL).

The European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) is an international organisation concerned with the promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sport and exercise psychology in the areas of research, education and applied work. Our main aim is to create opportunities for students and young professionals to develop in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Students and young professionals can take part in the annual ENYSSP Workshop where they can learn in symposiums and workshops and through networking. They can also present their own work through a poster and possibly a workshop. It is not decided where the next ENYSSP Workshop will be yet, but as soon as this has been decided it will be announced on the ENYSSP Website. ENYSSP also offer unique possibilities for online meetings with members where specific and relevant topics are discussed between members (Big Social Online Meetings “B-SOMEs”). You can learn new things when reading our Newsletter. ENYSSP sends out Flash news and organize symposiums and workshops at other conferences and plan to organize other events in Europe. If you have more ideas on how we could help you in your development in sport psychology let us know!

If you want to become active in ENYSSP I first recommend you to become a member of ENYSSP. Then ask ENYSSP how you can become actively involved. The best way is to contact one of the Department Coordinators via the web site. I also encourage you to come with your own suggestions on what you can do.

ENYSSP organizes online peer consultations The aim of the sessions will be to learn from the consultation process in order gain insight into one’s professional practice and to explore options and solutions with equals.

ENYSSP also organizes Big Online Social Meetings (B-SOMEs) to improve networking and sharing among members. The purpose of our B-SOMEs are: a) to share experiences about research, applied work, or education via very specific themes; b) to address ENYSSP – related issues such as the improvement of our network; c) to address sport psychology related issues such as lack of education, difficult working conditions, or contacts with different sport psychological federations.

Join the ENYSSP Facebook Page, just request an invite. If you are an ENYSSP member you will receive updates through our Newsletter and through emails. You can email the Department coordinators and ask questions.

You can also log in to our website:

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